Welcome to the FolderGit Help Wiki

FolderGit is a navigation shortcut tool for windows XP and Vista, for both 32 and 64 bit. It is comprised of windows explorer context menu items, as systray icon, and a UI for editing the path sets.

It works within Windows Explorer, and also within your applications via the open/save dialogs, adding items to the windows Right Click Context menu: these items are a list of directories, and selecting one of them takes your current explorer/dialog to the location picked.

Huge time saver if you have multiple projects in multiple places, or a single project with may sub-elements, where you may find yourself navigating from one place to another repeatedly.

It also has special support for non-standard windows dialogs - namely Fusion (eyeon), Nuke (foundry), Boujou, Total Commander, Visual Studio, and Softimage XSI.

Use the links on the left to find out how the bits of FolderGit work

Below is a screenshot, but seeing it in action here might make more sense.

Note the path set editor is written using the .NET framework and it may require updating your system (standard windows updates). Both the context menu extension and the systray icon are written in C++.

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