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May 27th, 2017, 2:37am
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Using Mental Ray SSS shaders with the RPMMaterial (Read 40463 times)
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Using Mental Ray SSS shaders with the RPMMaterial
Apr 21st, 2006, 2:39pm
The problem with mental ray SSS shaders (and any shader that uses lightmaps) is that they do not work as a submaterial. This not only affects the RPMMaterial, but also the standard multi-sub material.
RPManager has been designed to work around this: in the Object Properties rollout, in the 'Capture Globals' group (under the 'Set Management' group) there is a checkbox titled 'Remove RPMMaterial during Render'. Turn this on for the SSS materials to render correctly.
Note this does not fix the general problem of SSS and submaterials - all it does it remove the issue with RPManager, ie a multisub material will still fail with this on.
What is actually happening is that before it renders (or previews) RPM goes through all objects with the RPMMaterial and assigns the sub material as the top-level material, taking the RPMMaterial out of the equation. Once the preview/render is finished, it puts them back again.
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