RPManager can submit to a number of rendering managers - Backburner, Deadline (Thinkbox provide a submission script with their install), Qube, Rush, Smedge, Royal Render (from the royal render end). You can pick the submission system from the RPManager Preferences dialog, there is a dropdown at the bottom right.

It also supports end-user customised submission, allowing you to install your own scripted submission system, including UI, within RPManager - allowing extensive control over the way your jobs are submitted.

Both Qube and Deadline 6 submission use this external submission setup, (which also means you can customise them) and the are accessed via these steps (using Deadline 6 setup as an example):

  • Go to the RPManager preferences dialog, and at the bottom right there is a dropdown where you select the manager - pick the 'Custom Submit' option, then press the 'Pick Custom submit UI loading path' button and navigate to the your Deadline Repository, Submission, 3dsmaxRPM, Client directory (ie …/DeadlineRepository/submission/3dsmaxRPM/Client). Pick the 'Deadline3dsMaxRPMClient.ms' item and you should see thinkbox's deadline UI updating progress. After that if you change to the RPManager network tab you will see the deadline 6 controls.

If you would like information about how to write your own submission that integrates into RPM email rpmanager@rpmanager.com, or examine either the Qube or Deadline 6 submission script.