What you can do

Select passes at the top, RC in the 'Pass Type' column to assign as generators or receivers or ignore.

The distinction is about which get locally rendered (or submitted) as generators. Generators do not have the vray raw image handling applied, they are assumed to be generating only (though they might output frames to view the solution, it does not need to be much. You can manually setup the vray raw settings for generator passes if you need it, RPM will not interfere with that).

Workflow is: select a pass in the top panel, then RC on the items in the bottom panel to set the values. You can change the map type (from file, single frame, etc) for each of the 4 types.

You can assign external save files. You can pick external load files.

You can link to another passes auto save path (when linked the column to the full right shows the link and the index of the link). You can just get another passes output without the linking.

The linking is updated when you hit the 'setup passes', which also turns on the auto file save, and makes sure don't delete is on, etc. The auto build all paths should also work. If you haven't picked a seed root path, it will bring up a dialog asking for one.

You can use the buttons in the 'Render Generators' group to either locally render or network submit the passes flagged as 'Generators' and have the multiframe output as a sequence of .vrmaps if you turn that checkbox on (it is global). This of course makes no sense for a local render except to get it working.

If you RC on a autosave-set irradiance map, you can pick the 'merge caches' option, which should ask you to find your vrimg2exr.exe the first time it is used.

The auto path is hooked up and uses the main RPManager Output Preferences settings: set a seed path at the bottom of the dialog, go into the main RPM output preferences and in the lower path definition area there is a dropdown to the left, in that there should be a 'vray cache' option. Set it up, and this use the 'save defaults' button to set these params for other scenes (if you like). There are no options for subdirs for the different cache types, they all go into the same directory as specified here.

Feedback welcome.