Visibility Per Pass
RPManager can control what is visible in the scene per pass. Most passes will end up using some form of visibility control though it is optional.

RPManager offers a choice of ways to control visibility: 'Visibility Sets', Layers, 'Layer Sets' (collections of layers controlled by RPManager), and Scene States.

Visibility sets are assigned using the Right Click menu of the 'Visibility Sets' Column in the main RPM pass list.

From this menu you can create visibility sets, assign sets, modify sets, duplicate sets or select objects in sets. The 'Manage Visibility Sets' item brings up the Visibility Sets Manager, for managing the RPM visibility sets.

You manage 'Layer Sets' using the Layer Sets Editor available from the 'VisSets' menu in the main RPManager menubar.

'Visibility Sets' are much like 3dsmax Named Selection Sets - in fact you can import Named Selection Sets as RPM Visibility Sets. They require you to add or remove objects from them as you go, so if you create a new object in the scene you will need to manually add it to the set. Objects can be in multiple Visibility sets.

'Layers' use the built in 3dsmax layers, which if you manage your layers when you create objects means that no management in RPM is required - but since objects cannot exist in multiple layers at once, you cannot share objects between RPM passes.

'Layer Sets' is an RPM extension of the Layer system allowing you to group layers together - allowing you to effectively mix and match what appears in each RPManager pass, with the benefits of not having to manage the RPM sets if you are creating your objects on layers. Use the Layer Sets Editor to create and manage these, get it from the VisSets menu.