BlurVColor Modifier


Blur Vertex Color (BlurVColor) Modifier

A modifier that blurs the vertex colours (or any mapping channel). This is
conceptually much like the blur routine in the Vertex Paint modifier (though as
far as I know the code itself could be completely different), but as a modifier.

Quicktime Movie:

Quicktime Movie demonstrating BlurVColor 505k

New feature for 2009 version - can convert a stack vertex selection to vertex colours (allowing it to be used as a mask in a material etc.). UI snapshot and quicktime demo below.

Quicktime Movie demonstrating converting selections to vertex colours 1.3meg (2009 version only)

BlurVColor is freeware

Free for commercial or non-commercial use.

Installation instructions
No installer, too much hassle so you get to download, unzip, and put itinto your plugins directory manually:

3dsmax9/2008 32 bit

3dsmax9/2008 64 bit

3dsmax2009 32 bit

3dsmax2009 64 bit

3dsmax2010 32 bit

3dsmax2010 64 bit

3dsmax2012 32 bit

3dsmax2012 64 bit

3dsmax2013 64/32 bit

3dsmax2015/2016 64 bit

3dsmax2017 64 bit

3dsmax2018 64 bit

3dsmax2019 64 bit

3dsmax2020 64 bit

Contact with any bug info. Scene files demonstrating problems are much easier to troublshoot.

Credits: BlurVColor was written by Grant Adam.


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