RPM QuickStart - no audio (yet, will be redone)

The quickstart tutorials are a quick introduction to the features of RPManager, and use screen captures (no audio) of RPM in action to quickly get concepts and usage across. Quicktime is required to view the screen captures (1024x768). The quicktimes can be viewed directory or zipped versions can be downloaded for local viewing.

01 - QUICKSTART Creating Passes: Creating, Assiging Common Parameters, Restoring, Previewing, Rendering

02 - QUICKSTART Visibility Sets: Creating, Modifying and Assigning

03 - QUICKSTART Preview Overrides

04 - QUICKSTART Assigning and Auto Assigning Output Paths

05 - QUICKSTART Atmospherics and Render Effects

06 - QUICKSTART Object Properties


08 - QUICKSTART Quick Compositor - COMING SOON

09 - QUICKSTART Before/After Scripts - COMING SOON

10 - QUICKSTART Setting up and editing renderer parameters not appearing in the RPM renderer rollout per pass - COMING SOON

11 - QUICKSTART Render Elements Save Load


RPM Feature Highlights screencaptures - these ones have audio

Viewport Preview Tool - part 1, basic operation. 7 minutes 1280x1024, 17.5meg Quicktime.
13.1 meg .rar here

Viewport Preview Tool - part 2 , playlist manager. 2m45s 1280x1024, 5.5meg Quicktime.
3.8 meg .rar here

Resizable Pass Columns 39s 1280x1024, 990k Quicktime.

Pass Renaming Utility 1m23s 1280x1024, 1.5meg Quicktime.

Time Range Manager 3m 1280x1024, 2.7meg Quicktime.

Pass Property Updater 1m57s 1280x1024, 3meg Quicktime.

Scripted (wildcard) Visibility Sets 2m08s 1280x1024, 4.8meg Quicktime
3.2 meg .rar here


RPM Tutorials

Tutorial One - RPManager + RPManagerLite
This tutorial uses a predefined scene and adds RPM data to it step by step.

Tutorial Two - RPManager + Pflow
A brief guide to how to effectively use RPM to control pflow properties per pass.


Rendering in Passes - what it is, tips and techniques

What is it, and why should I consider rendering in passes? - COMING SOON