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For 3dsmax 2020 support see here

3dsmax 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019

Download RPManager Version 6.64 - Release notes
For 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019

For 64 bit versions of 3ds max only.

NOTE that v6 is a paid upgrade from v5, you will need a new license file if you haven't upgraded already - see the purchase page for more information about upgrading.

3dsmax 2012 and earlier

Download RPManager Version 6.047 - Release notes
For versions of 3dsmax previous to 2013

For 32/64 bit versions of 3dsmax9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

NOTE that v6 is a paid upgrade from v5, you will need a new license file if you haven't upgraded already - see the purchase page for more information about upgrading.

Without any license RPManager will install but be non-functional. If you have not previously purchased a license nor received an evaluation/personal license, download the license using the link below. If you have any problems with this process email to request a license be emailed out to you.

Download Evaluation/Personal License

For a 2-Pass License click the link above, which will download a license installer (.exe), run after you have installed RPManager. 2-Pass licenses are unlimited in duration and free for non-commercial use/evaluation.

The installer asks which RPManager version you want to install a license for, version 6 or version 5.

Note: install RPManager before installing the license file. 

Visit RPM Online Help

Super Slow RPM UI when first installing:

If you have a slow RPM or you see a 'Maxscript Initial Heap' error message each tim you start 3dsmax it's likely a UAC problem, see this post:

Old  versions:
RPManager Version 6.16 - 2013+
RPManager Version 6.051 - 2013+
RPManager Version 6.037 - 2013+
RPManager Version 6.037 - 2012-
RPManager Version 6.031 - 2013+
RPManager Version 6.031 - 2012-
RPManager Version 5.2 - 2013+
RPManager Version 5.2 - 2012 and earlier
RPManager Version 5.147
RPManager Version 5.06
RPManager Version 4.67


Build for 3dsmax 2019 - it's been available on the forum for quite a while, posted here now.
Viewport Preview tool now has a 'Nitrous delay' option to allow AA to resolve on the display - adds this much time per frame, but quality can be much higher if you need it.
Initial support for vray next
Customisable colours for xref list - check the RPMUIColors.ini, though you'll need to rename the file then reopen RPM so it rebuilds (then merge with your old one if you have customised).
3ds max 2019 initial support
Element adding list was adding the previous element to the picked one.
Restoration of exr setup (for the built in exr io) was not restoring correctly with manually added RenderElementLayers
Object property capture/restore was broken in 2018.
Improved vray 3.6 layout support.
Vray 3.6 layout support.
First build for 3dsmax 2018 - let me know how it goes.

Unknown error when changing vray pass for 2017 should be sorted.

Improved support for changes to vray 3.4/3.5 UI's - separate bucket (fixed sampler) and bucket (bucket sampler) options.


3dsmax 2017 support.


Fix for custom submit (deadline) not loading correctly.

Mental Ray property fix for 2016.

Installer updated to include 3dsmax 2016

Preview overrides now handle vray bitmap properties (ie splitbitmap) where the bitmap path is invalid, this causes an error when querying the property.

Improved support for deadline custom/sticky settings.

Vray RT can now be selected from the renderer RC menu

3rd party renderers that didn't have a UI in max were not having their render elements restored per pass (ie corona)

rpmdata.getoutputinfo wasn't supporting the global output checkbox

Addition (6.039) of 'Design' to BB submission for the Design version of 3dsmax has been backed out - replaced by a .ini setting to control this. If you need it (some Design users do, some don't) set this key:
    setINISetting (scriptsPath + "RPManager/RenderPassManager.ini") "NetworkSubmit" "AddDesignString" "1"

Speed of layerset restoration when Layer Vis Controlled by Head Only is much improved - the 'Restore Visibility in Xref Scenes By Layer' no longer does anything when the restore by head mode is on now.
Animation ranges for a pass are actively set on submission - use camera path option for vray GI requires the correct ranges are set for each pass.

Vray Render Element pathing was not working correctly for auto pathing when the 'enable auto path on submit' mode was not used. This is a change in user-editable '', so make sure you merge the change if you are customising this.

The 'Control layers by head only' preference has never really done what it says it will, it still modifies the visibility of objects in the layers. If you have this flag set in the RenderPassManager.ini file:


RPM will just control the layer heads, leaving the contents alone regarding the local hidden/unhidden.

Viewport preview append '_preview_' wasn't ever appending _preview_ to the output filename.

Backburner manager disconnection timing modified, seems to have less failures that need retrying.

Fix for bb submissions if [networksubmit] wasn't set.

Added a new ini lookup (RenderPassManager.ini) for the temp dir for network submits, ie add this (if you already have the [NetworkSubmit] just add it to the group):


if this is not set it will use the system TEMP location, which you can confirm is what you want by calling sysinfo.tempdir.

Fixed the Backburner submit-as option.

Merging of elements from saved RPM data will no longer error on element property mismatches.
Strip start of pass names was stripping a character at the end.
Deleted vray lights from a light select element won't error RPM any more.
Obj property overrides updated to support FumeFX grids (and any object with empty property names)
Preview render overrides were not being undone after preview
Backburner network submission files are now generated in your system temp location, not C:/temp - ie the one set in your Environment Variables TEMP. This allows you to control where they go, so you can set it to a scratch disk/non UAC controlled location.
Load render element dialog no longer auto-closes on loading.
Fix for occasional situation where 'Mixed renderer' renderer rollout was shown when selecting multiple passes with the same renderer, typically when some passes were merged, or your renderer version has been upgraded mid job, has been fixed.
Show all property holders was erroring.
Layer sets editor now has 'add selected layer to all sets' and 'remove selected layer from all sets' buttons.
Property Overrides Right Click menu's could error with certain subanims.
Property Overrides: you can now add a 'blank' entry and enter your own class/property/etc. rather than having to start with a menu added one.

Initial version for 3dsmax 2015.
Optimisations to pass restoration mean pass with object properties setup can be significantly faster to restore - in some cases over 10x faster for heavy scenes.
Licensing system has been updated and all licenses will need to be reissued, both software and float/usb.
New Object/Modifier/Material/Texmap property control system is in place - new rollout in the 'Object Properties' tab. More information to come on the RPM website.
Preview renderer overrides UI updated.
Vray auto build paths no longer requires the auto build mode to be on for the main paths - if there is a path set it will try to use it.
Per pass vray region render disabling (in addition to global), moved to the renderer rollout (RPM::Extras)
Some cleanup for the Vray procedural renderer rollout.
Help menu item points at an updated Wiki.

Vray 3 UI support first pass.
Vray 3 extra tex element has auto name and affect matte controls exposed in the RPM element dialog.
The P and G buttons for the override material for property sets now supports the slate editor.
use Viewport Background for preview updated with a "Apply inverted view gamma" checkbox. It used to always do this, now you can turn it off.
Update to EXR rendering - formats weren't always updated on the slaves, this should fix that. Also an update to vray preview detection.
If a vray preview fails half way(seems to be a rare to very rare occurrence), it can leave RPM with the main pass with some preview settings: on reopening RPM, or repreviewing, RPM will now offer to restore the valid settings.
Updated licensing plugin for 2013/2014, esecutech have supplied a new DLL - Vray licenses should not be affected by RPM licensing any more.
Updated licensing plugin for 2013/2014 - should sort the issues with the RPM license conflicting with other float licenses. Big thanks for Vlado for helping to sort this out.
Viewport preview now supports the nitrous viewport modes for 2013 and later (realistic, shaded, pastel, etc.).
A top level 3dsmax.ini was being created by RPManager when setting the maxscript heap value, rather than editing the one in the language directory.
Unikey dll's update to support windows 8.
The before script assigned to a pass is now run on a slave if and after xrefs scenes have been loaded via RPM - this allows modifying the xref scenes via script before rendering.
Deferred xrefs now has an 'enable in previews' checkbox, for not quite a deferred xrefs.
Lots of elements could error when RPM was capturing the built in openEXR output
Deleting a vis set via the RC menu in RPM would throw an error about not being able to set colours.
Vray should no longer lose its license when used with a floating license of RPM
Increased unicode support for non english OS setup (ie Japanese)
Initial build for 2013. 
Includes support for State Sets (via the RC menu of the Visibility column - use them like visibility sets that do a lot more).

Fixes capturing rotation/position/scale.
Vray 2 light select element supported in RPM UI
Mixed output setups were not correctly restoring for local renders.
Deleting layer sets would error in 2012
EXR output setup for network renders for the fxr/exr (not vray exr but 3dsmax exr) wasn't setting the depth correctly - if you were using 16 bit float you were fine, but if you wanted full float it wasn't restoring for the main rgba layer.
Workaround for processBG of exposure controls not correctly restoring.
Velocity render element max velocity spinner wasn't doing anything.
} 4.608{
Updated for 3dsmax 2012
Vray 2.0 support updated
Final render support updated.
Added a 'Project Path' setting to the backburner submission, down in the 'options'. This allows you to specify the project path of the rendering scene.
Added more user hooks before and after pass submission/localrender/preview, to enable more per pass automation. The fuctions
are defined as global, so they just need to be defined at some point before RPM is used.
The functions are:

function RPMUserSubmitJustBeforefn rendertype: = -- before anything is rendered or submitted
function RPMUserSubmitCancelfn rendertype: = -- at the end of the cancel, if cancelled.
function RPMUserSubmitFinishfn rendertype: = -- at the end of the entire process
function RPMUserSubmitPrePerPassfn passname passindex: rendertype: = -- before each pass, after restoration, before preview overrides have been applied
function RPMUserSubmitPassCompletefn passname passindex: rendertype: = -- after each pass. before next pass is restored
Vrimg conversion is now hooked up with the 'auto delete' option enabled, to clean up the original (large) frames. This has had some successful production testing,
but as with anything that deletes your base frames use with caution until you are comfortable with it. It checks that the converted file does exist before it
deletes, which is better than nothing but isn't a true 'image file is valid' test.
In addition, if not extracting to multiple EXR files (ie creating a multilayer exr), a user controllable function is run after the vrimg2exr tool has completed
but before the vrimg is deleted, so you can create proxies etc. It is in the form
f unction fnPostVrimgConvert vrimgname exrname width height =
print vrimgname
print exrname
print width
print height
You can also query whatever you need to within the function, but these 4 params are passed through for convenience. If the 'fnPostVrimgConvert' is declared in
your startup scripts (say) this will work, as RPM treats it as a global, so defining after RPM is initialised works fine.
Backburner, 'Alternate Paths' has been added to the Command Line submission options, this matches the feature in the standard backburner submit.
Updated Smedge support.
Brazil2 user preview overrides are now supported. Different syntax due to the way the renderer is stored, easiest way is to use the button to add the key/value pairs then edit the value by hand.
Setting the user preview overrides now stores the values without having to be edited.
You can now set a pass creation naming default - via an ini key. RenderPassManager.ini [Defaults] [PassCreationAutoNaming]. The name is incremented if not unique, and checked for spaces at end.
You can now control the colors that RPM uses for it's UI (text, backgrounds) - there is a new file called 'RPMUIColors.ini' in the scripts/RPManager/ directory (once the new RPM has opened at least once)
- try editing the text defining the colors in there and see what effect it has on the UI (reopen the RPM UI to reload). Delete this UI file and it will be recreated, if things go amiss. The format is simply (color R G B), with RGB 0-255.
First pass at supporting the new finalRender - UI elements still need updating, but it shouldn't error now when the renderer rollout is created.
If the scene has containers, RPM reverts to command line submission as non-command line submission fails for an unknown reason.
Duplicate pass still had some issues with RPMMaterials when the 'Control ALL rpmmaterials assigned to objects...' checkbox was enabled, and RPM materials instanced between objects both in and outside capture sets
Backburner commandline submission was ignoring most of the controls - the XML format had changed for 2011.
Merging passes with brazil renderer set was erroring.
Backburner global data wasn't being checked
Render Elements weren't being renamed for the Stereo camera support.
Rendering single frame non-current time would error if the value wasn't internally set
Some BB submissions that were failing should work now: BB submission has been disconnecting too often during submission and I needed to add some extra checks to the command line submission when it needed to get the servers available to the manager.
If you have the vray region access plugin installed (available via the chaos group forums), RPM will automatically turn the region off when submitting network renders (since it fails on the farm), and restores the setting afterwards.
An underscore or period at the end of the stereo strings will be translated into the file name but not the path name, so you can maintain the ..._R.0001.exr type naming.
Creating a new pass when a pass is restored that has stereo camera setup, will create the new pass with the same stereo camera setup for the new pass.
Preview overrides for Vray motion blur and DOF now attempt to disable these for the Vray Physical Camera as well.
Command line BB submission was broken for 2011.
An invalid captured BG map would error on pass restore.
Render element UI could error when setting pass paths via script.
Stereo support wasn't repathing Vray auto pathed output correctly
Some edit text fields - ie the create name visibility set dialog's naming field - were not showing the text in windows 7.
Stereo preview could error if cancelled.
Vray 1.5 SP5 support
Deadline 4 support
Stereo preview could error if cancelled.
Multiple cameras per pass added for stereo support - up to 3 (left, right and center).
'VptBG to Env' checkbox in the preview overrrides, with this on your preview will have the render background set to the active viewport background ONLY if the env is not already set.
Named Selection Set Support for Visibility Sets, you can pick them as visibility sets.
Named Selection Set Collection Support for Visibility Sets (Similar to Layer Sets - named 'Collections' else it would be 'Named Selection Set Set').
Added a checkbox to auto setup the split channels property of Vray, if the main vray raw path is setup to auto create.
Preview overrides has a pixel aspect option now.
Preview mode has options for anaglyph image display, dropdown in the common params under the camera controls. Only cameras 2 and 3 are combined, camera 1 is assumed to be used as the center camera.
Select by pass color is now in the 'pass selection tools' submenu.
Support for the new EXR in the 2010 connection pack.
RPMCaptureProps.getMyPropDefinitions was ignoring the custominputarray: values passed
Helpers can now have properties captured/restored (ie PRS)
Vray SP4 support.
RPMUserAutoBeforeScript wasn't always being called before a network submission.
RPMMaterials controlled scene-wise were not having their passes updated correctly when deleting a pass.
Display prop holders could error for objects with no .pos property.
When opening an existing scene with RPM already open, which passes were checked was getting messed up.
Custom attribute errors on 64 bit max should now no longer occur.
Viewport preview out to individual AVI was using an incorrect output aspect.
Pixel aspect was being hosed in 2010 design on BB submit - use command line submit, that fixes it.
Vray split buffer is now created correctly when the path is set - this does create a small bitmap on disk as a side-effect.
Duplicating a vray pass and chosing to keep the materials instanced no longer breaks the link from the current material to the material editor.
Pass colouring was lost with many ops.
Some vray layout issues fixed.
Vray cache manager set generators to 'dont render final image' was doing all passes.
Warnings modified to support vray raw output.
Render element backburner splits supported.
Deadline 3 SP1 - the deadline tabs would not refresh properly after toggling away/back to the deadline UI in RPM.
Pass rename utility was 50% hosed. Why 50%? Pretty much only half worked...
Adding an object to an existing capture set wasn't initialising the captured data correctly.
In 2010 setting the viewport background no longer works, so I work around this for the Preview Passes tool.
Exr submitted to the farm wasn't setting the premultiplied alpha setting correctly.
Previews through the Preview Passes tool no longer have the 3dsmax viewport text in the frame (before it was dependent on output res as to if and what would appear)
After setting the manager to something other that Backburner, after setting it back to BB RPM wouldn't build the BB data properly any more unless you toggled the manager away/back.
If a default auto root path is set, it only applies the root path the first time a pass is created for a scene, not each time a pass is created (so if you manually set it, it doesn't override it).
Capture selected object properties button was not working if the auto-capture button was off.

Vray RT now supported - it was erroring before. No special support beyond just not erroring at the moment.
The viewport preview system now attempts to make sure that any viewport hardware shading/shadowing etc enabled (for relevant max versions) comes out in the preview too, these could be off under certain (common) circumstances. NOTE Seems to only 'get it' on the second go though, as a workaround set viewport 1 (top left) up with the hardware settings you want, until I get it sorted.
The vray renderer 'duplicate override material' query is only triggered IF there is an override material assigned now.
Backburner Submissions to 3dsmax design 2010 with command line submit active would be submitted as 3dsmax (non-design) jobs.
Deadline submissions with Xref cameras could fail to render from the correct camera.
Some more Deadline3x updates - job submission name is now set to the current submitting user, it could end up as the last person who submitted the passes.
Lots of Deadline31 updates.
Deadline 3.1 SP1 custom script is installed now (separate directory, re-pick the custom network manager).
Vray previews could occasionally pause after finishing.
Deadline 3.1 custom submission script included with install
Tweak to try to give brazil more time to finish local rendering - the function seems to finish before the postrender callback is triggered.
If you find local brazil renders give an 'local render failed' at the end, try evaluating
rpmdata.ignoreLocalRenderErrors = true
this will pretend the render was flagged as complete.
Ini switch added to control default of the BB 'Global Submission Setup' for new scenes. To the
section add
to turn this off for new scenes.
Fix for BB submissions to 32/64 bit - was erroring in 2010.
3dsmax 2010 build.
If vray frame buffer is enabled, and the vray raw path is set, and the split path option is on, and the split has no path entered - RPM will set the split path output to match the raw output with '_RE' appended to the name.
Added a mode to save out selected passes in RPM to separate scenes.
Added two new saving modes - 'save all/selected passes immediate mode' which uses hold/fetch to clean the files immediately, not requiring a reopen of the scene to do the cleaning.
Duplicating passes with vray as the renderer, and material override set will offer to instance the material override. It'll ask for each one.
Vray holds an internal bitmap in the renderer for split output - this was erroring the new vray preview modifications
'Force enable vrimg saving' was defaulting to the opposite of the saved default value, if a default had been saved.
Vray 1.5 SP3 support
Previewing multiple times when using vray frame buffer no longer creates multiple vray VFB windows.
You can now save a default path for the 'Auto Root Path' and output type, via new menu items in the 'Output' menu - so if you have your auto output path generation setup for it, you might never need to set an output path again...
User Defined Custom Alerts have been added: if you define a global function with the name 'RPMUserWarningsfn' RPM calls it when populating the warning dialog.
ie if you have a script in your startup directory, with the contents:

global RPMUserWarningsfn
fn RPMUserWarningsfn =
--print "Individual pass submitted"
for i in 1 to rpmdata.getpasscount() do
-- warning function takes 3 script arguments for what ends up in the columns,
-- and one integer to control color
-- Example code:
local pname = rpmdata.getpassname i
RPMdata.addToWarnings "Custom warnings:" pname "Color1" 1 -- red
RPMdata.addToWarnings "Custom warnings:" pname "Color2" 2 -- blue
RPMdata.addToWarnings "Custom warnings:" pname "Color3" 3 -- green
RPMdata.addToWarnings "Custom warnings:" pname "Color4" 4 -- black
RPMdata.addToWarnings "Custom warnings:" pname "Color5" 5 -- black
RPMdata.addToWarnings "Custom warnings:" pname "Color6" 6 -- blue
RPMdata.addToWarnings "Custom warnings:" pname "Color7" 7 -- orange

This information is added to the RPM Alerts/Warnings dialog that comes up when you submit/render, allowing you to cancel. The idea being that you can use the function to test
whatever properties you need (ie using MXS access to check RPM data, checking whether textures are setup, or whatever you like) and report the info.
- 'Frames' submission to Backburner typically resets the start/end frame setting (which is ignored by the sequence string) but if you set it back to range you need to reset it.
This modification forces the start/end frame to be the start/end of the range when submitted, IF the submssion is a commandline submission, making it easier to set back to frames.
- AE .jsx comp exporter now uses double slashes in the path names.
Adding a new object to a capture set could fail to capture the initial property states correctly leaving some values as 'undefined'.
Clicking on a pass, but releasing the mouse either in the empty area of the pass list or outside the pass list entirely could mess up pass capturing - where one
passes settings could potentially be overwritten with another passes settings. Usually this would not happen since the mousedown/mouseup would trigger very close together,
but in a heavy scene the .NET control mouseup event can be delayed - until the mouse has moved elsewhere. This fix will will hopefully solve a very intermittent
pass capturing issue I've been looking for for a while.
The new grouphead restoration support for standard visibility sets was interfering with layer set restoration.
Merging object properties could error in certain circumstances.
Renaming Vis sets via the visibility set manager could rename the wrong set under certain circumstances.
'Capture selected object' button in the object properties rollout was broken.
Save/Load defaults for the basic preview override settings (enabled, checkbox states) - new button in the preview override globals.
Preview defaults are used for new scenes.
Deadline3 support, through the external submission system - enable via the RPManager preferences dialog, in the Network Manager group pick 'Custom submit' and use the 'Pick Custom submit UI loading path' button to navigate to the /Deadline3 subdirectory of the RPManager install location. Pick the .ms file in there.
Per pass restoration of object visibility within xref scenes now supports Visibility Sets, Layer assignment, Layer Sets and Maxscript Visibility per pass (only Visibility Sets were working before).
Redrawing of viewports has been tweaked to reduce the amount of heavier viewport redraws, along with an additional ini key to further reduce redraws. if you modify the RenderPassManager.ini file to include this:
then less full redraws will occur - and scenes with xrefs (for example) should feel more responsive. This setting can make a large difference when using xref scenes. If you find redraws are not what they should be set it to 0.
The Vray renderer rollouts should redraw themselves when needed, rather than each time you change pass (when needed means if different passes need different rollouts visible - GI/AA engine).
The 'remove RPMMaterial for renders could be slow to preview/submit in certain scenes - scripted prodecure replaced with C++ functions.
Added a get data function, it is
RPMdata.RMGetValues (value index) (passindex) <optional: (quiet:false) >
(the quiet will suppress the 'pass index out of range' messagebox. If out of range it returns undefined.)
Saving and loading the Merge data is now off by default - you can enable the default in the preferences of RPM. If you want to load xref scenes and have RPM data restored within the xref for passes you will need to enable this.
Vray auto cache merging was failing with long paths and many caches - looks like a string length limit for imapviewer. Cache merging now done 1 at a time.
Vray cache manager - spaces in cache name would stop the 'explore path' option from working.
If a grouphead is added to a visibility set, the group members vis is controlled whether or not they too are in the set.
Added a 'Visible' filter to the Vis set inspector/editor to filter the list to only show currently visible objects.
Remove all RPM data could fail on multiple Frame Info effects.
Frame Info should now be removed when cancelling a preview (doh).
Extra data saved to support restoring visibility sets in Xref scenes could fail under certain conditions.
Dropdown at the bottom of the Renderer Setup tab was not showing vray correctly.
extra xref data integrity checking added, with warnings printed to the listener if data has had to be rebuilt.
Adding a new pass could mess up Xref data in certain circumstances
If no xrefs were selected in the Xref list the xref recolouring was not being triggered.
Merging RPM data from an existing scene could throw a maxscript error.
Merge xref via file merge was not deleting the xref itself for Preview/Local renders (fine for submissions).
Adding vis sets while the vis sets inspector/editor is open will no longer error when you then click in the vis set inspector/editor.
Mousing down on a pass then (moving the mouse and) mousing up in the empty area below the passes would error.
Some UI errors in the merge properties dialog fixed.
Using the output inspector/editor to edit .tga settings was showing the bit depth menu for all columns before showing the correct menu.
Preview overrides - if the exposure override checkbox was enabled, but not exposure plugin was loaded the preview overrides would likely only be half-applied (ie resolution set, but not AA).
RPM capture sets - capture/restore of lights and cameras animated position/scale/rotation was failing to restore correctly. This required updating RPMPropHolder.dlo.
2009 SP1 introduced more dependencies for command line backburner submission, this build fixes the 'xml failed to write' error you would receive after installing 2009.
Final Render: Final Render Render Element Properties are now available in the RPManager Render Element rollout.
Final Render: the 'Get Props for Selected Object' button below the Custom Properties tab will now list finalRenderProperties if relevant for the selected object - saves having to add the property names manually to the Custom list.
Preview Overrides, User Preview 'insert property' menu is now sorted by group for Vray (easy to sort vray, others will be more work).
Vray vrimg2exr settings now include commandline options. Dialog layout was tweaked to emphasise that the raw handling section at the bottom is separate from the cache handling section at the top.
Option to Merge xrefs on submit not as an xref->merge but as a file->merge. Note this mode does not support xref parent offsets, xref alternate material, or xref RPM properties (at this stage - partial support can be put in if somebody requests it).
Merge xrefs has been added to previewing and local renders. This system now uses hold/fetch so submitted scenes no longer are name "RMtemp.." or similar.
If no output exists RPM disables the save file setting in the output - should stop it throwing a useless 'overwrite file' warning when there is no file.
'Capture selected objects' operation was ridiculously slow with certain scenes.
Adding a pass was generating an undo item for a CA redefine.
Xrefs: rpm property restoration within xref scenes was not correctly restoring visibility sets on submission.
Fixed a pass merge error where the dataset is incomplete - if this is detected RPM now throws a message indicating that the file being merged should be re-saved.
Worked around a 64 bit max9/2008 issue where Custom Attributes attached to the rootnode was destabilisting 3dsmax - used in the sample Qube submission, The update will redefine data already attached to the trackviewnode/rootnode.
Better handling of mis-synched RPM Xref data, and 3dsmax scene Xref data.
Writing data for merging into other scenes could silently fail under some circumstances.
Visibility set restoration in Xref Scenes could break in some situations - specifically support for "_Everything_" and "_Nothing_" was broken and would interfere with other sets.

Viewport preview utility now has a resolution override as an option to the percent of frame: apart from the ease of absolute control this means you can output a different aspect without having to change your base settings. ie if your setup is 2048x1556, but your dailies need to be a vertically cropped 864x480 you can have the viewport preview tool output this without having to mess with the final output size (since it is different aspect percent is not enough).
Viewport Preview Utility - Non-sequential frames are now supported both for output and playback.
Viewport playback was not necessarily starting the next pass from its first frame.
Import selection sets was broken.
Resizing the viewport preview tool horizontally was not restricting the width correctly.
MXS call to rpmdata.setpassselection will now update the pass name bolding.
Escape to cancel a viewport preview could error on trying to write to a closed file.
Viewport preview playlist now accepts still images with no frame padding (ie filename.jpg, as opposed to filename0000.jpg)
Viewport preview playlist removes multiple external sequences correctly.
Vray cache manager was not dealing with the 'Animation' modes correctly, setting to 'Animation (render)' now allows you to link to a generators output (ie typically Animation (prepass) ).

Qube submission had not been updated as it was meant to be in 4.15, so this is a small update. This version saves out a separate max file for each pass submitted - the Qube submission it was based on uses the current scene without saving the file, and this does not work so well for RPM (or anything really): currently the quick fix is to save the scene (with '_QubeTemp_DeleteWhenJobDone_' + random number appended) in the same place as the scene file, so it will only work reliably if your max scene is currently being saved to a network location. This will be updated in the future with options for where to save, but since the Qube submission script is external to RPM and fully editable by the end user you can modify it to save them whereever you like. The max scene file needs to exist until the Qube render job is complete, so at this stage you will need to manually clean them up after the job is done - ideally the Qube job itself would take care of this.
Viewport playback was not necessarily starting the next pass from its first frame.

Main pass list now has resizable columns, if needed you can scroll left to access items no longer visible. Double click on a column divider to auto-size to match the items in the column to the immediate left of the divider.
The small '+' and '-' buttons to resize the list were moved as a result, and are now below the list(irritatingly since they move when you resize).
To help alleviate the irritation I've fixed the dragging on the grey bar just below the global viewport and render params group, so you can once again drag this to resize the list.
The Playlist Manager (new feature in 4.1) has been updated to allow assignment of external sequences to the PlayList - extending RPM as a previs tool and is a natural extension of the feature for a multi-shot pipeline. Also added override start/end for the playback to accomodate flipping without handles.
Added a 'Rename Passes Utility...' option to the Passes menu. Allows renaming via prefix, postfix, and string replacement/stripping. Has multiple undo system so you can try settings until you get it right.
Added an 'Retime/Offset Pass Ranges Utility...' option to the Passes menu. Allows modifying time ranges en-masse, or slipping from a specified pivot point: for example where you want to insert or retime a pass representing a shot range and offset the timings of all shots coming after that.
Viewport preview tool now has the ability to manually set the output paths of the preview frames in the Playback.
Added a playback only option to the Viewport Preview Tool - calls playanimation for each pass, without outputting frames etc.
Viewport Preview can now dump to .avi, separate passes or one for all.
Added a 'Wildcard/Scripted' visibility set. Use mxs functions to control visibility per pass. Access from the Visibility Sets column RC menu, with a manager for the sets in the VisSets menu.

Viewport Preview - moved the root path for the vray auto path generation setup to the main UI, where the output controls are.
Parameters in the Capture Set Parameters definition dialog are now named to reflect the 3dsmax UI names, rather than the internal property names - ie 'Primary visibility' which is the property is now displayed as 'Visible to camera'.
Object property capture/restore of UserPropBuffer (used for vray object properties for example) was assigning and empty buffer with a carriage return, which was showing as a control character.
This didn't cause any problems, but I've removed the character. This plugin update is not required for the farm.
The vray frame buffer is now only automatically enabled if the 'force enable vrimg' checkbox is enabled, not just when you are auto generating your vray raw output paths.When previewing with Vray, vrimg or vray split buffers output is disabled to avoid overwriting actual output frames, as well as not producing extra (potentially large) frames in the preview directory.
Preview mode now scales the vray output resolution values - so if get resolution from max is off you will now get a reduced size render.
If the vray frame buffer is no needed (ie no valid vrimg output, no valid split buffers) it is disabled to avoid netrender errors - this is for the submitted pass only, not the working scene.
Viewport Playlist Manager has had the audio column removed - it will be put it back when it is hooked up.
Viewport Preview Frame Number stamping now takes a passes FileNumberBase into account.
Vastly improved the speed of resizing the main pass list using the grey dragging bar.

Cleaned up some escapeenable problems, so escaping out of a submit should no longer trigger an *interrupt
Installer was not overwriting the file if installing over old builds, so all the recent goodness was being lost. It is user customisable, but from now you will need to back it up and replace as having it not update when it should is worse (and I'd be suprised if many actually customise this. Anyone?)
Added some checks for possible missing BB data.
Backburner command line submission works in 2009 again, some dependencies on 3dsmaxcmd had changed that I was not aware of earlier.
Setting pass colours via right click menu was not setting until RPM was re-opened
Viewport preview auto output setup was incorrectly testing the main enable auto output enabled and main output local extension (which was not used anyway).
Scene states were being captured when RPM opened and a pass restored.
Using per pass hide by category no longer spams the undo stack with hidebycategory items.
Vray SP2 update - Render elements were not showing thier UI's. Also add a 'put to medit' and 'get from medit' to the two elements that have material/map property.
Viewport preview has a new (default) output option, "Use Standard 3dsmax Preview Directory (local), individual Sub-directories". This simply dumps the frames into the local preview location, nothing to set, but
if you want to get in depth with it then you have decent control over the pathing with the other options.
Viewport preview now returns you to the frame you started on, as well as deselecting all during the preview and reselecting afterwards to avoid selection brackets. Misc fixes otherwise.
Viewport preview remembers position. Setting defaults etc. will come.
Macroscript added for viewport preview so you can hotkey it, it also can be open independent of RPManager.

Viewport preview auto output could error if the enable auto paths checkbox was on but no root path was set.
RPM.gup (if you are using a USB dongle for licensing update this on all workstations. Not needed on slaves).


Support for 3ds Max 2009

Vray SP2 UI update.

Custom Render Submission system: You can now create your own rollouts and submission function that RPManager will use. The rollouts will appear in the Network tab, allowing you to fully integrate your submission.
There are requirements for making the system work - ie RPM will call AddPass, DeletePass, SubmitJob, functions that all need to be in the right place expecting the right arguments. This information will be posted to the wiki shortly.
Included is a sample that is a legitimate additional submission system: Qube integration is via this custom render submission system.

To install the qube submission for testing:

/* In the RPM preferences, in the rendering manager dropdown, pick the 'Custom Submit' and
/* then use the button below to navigate to the 3dsmaxroot/scripts/RPManager/Qube/ directory and
/* pick the file in there.
/* The rpm Network tab should then contain a UI defined by this external script. Can be multiple rollouts
/* for complex submission systems, RPM expects an array of rollouts to be passed to it, so can be one or many.
/* This particular script assumes that qube is installed, with the qube-supplied submit working already in 3dsmax.

You can now control the naming of merged passes, in the merge dialog you can specify to leave if unique, and also a prefix and postfix to use.
It goes like this: if set as leave, it will leave if it can. If it is not unique, it adds the prefix and postfix. If that is not unique, it starts appending a 2 digit number.
If it set as append prefix/postfix it does this, and then it tests for unique. If not unique, it starts appending a 2 digit number.

Vray Cache Manager - new feature allowing setup and management of vray caches, including submitting multiframe incrementals as single frame jobs to a farm, auto path generation for cache output, and one-button merging these caches into a single cache, linking of 'generator' passes caches to 'receiver' passes cache settings.
Find it in the "Output" menu, near the bottom.

Viewport Preview Pass Tool - this creates previews of all or some of the RPManager passes using the viewport display,with options for where the output ends up. Useful when doing previs and using RPManager to manage your cameras/etc, and you initially don't need rendered frames.
You can find it in the 'Passes' menu. Has options for frame stamping, custom framestamp bitmap, playing back in ramplayer/tvplayer/custom player. For more info on it check the wiki


The output test for backburner would fail on a top level output (who does that anyway?) Test changed.
Before/After scripts that error now print the error in the messagebox.
Hooked up the Mental Ray override material UI elements, which were disabled - when they were originally added MR had no access to the properties, but they have been since at least R9.
The 'G' button to get a material has been fixed. Somewhere. My notes are incomplete.
RPMData.GetPassChecked() and GetPassSelection() now return stored values if RPM closed .
In 2009 I can now check for the viewport lock button and disable it (finally)

Backburner: Submitting with 32/64 bit option could fail for older scenes.
Loading scenes could crash max if internal xref data was incomplete.
Xref dialog, the 'fit' '+' and '-' buttons work again and do not mess up the UI.
Brazil2 presets are now supported, via the Renderer column RC menu: this shows a list of the saves BZ2 presets, from the default location.
Copy Renderer no longer errors for brazil2.
Deleting a pass will now delete associated the BZ2 renderer storage.
Merge Properties rollout was completely full of .NET UI errors. Needs testing, but it actually worked for me after I had spent some time with it.
If 'Link UI time range' was on, with mixed 'range' and 'active range' pass ranges setup, the active range passes could end up submitted with an incorret range.
Editing vray dropdown params with multiple passes selected would not correctly show the UI parameter changed (though it was setting it OK)
Mouse down (click) off the bottom of the pass list and then Mouse up on the list would error.
Vis sets inspector was partially broken - clicking empty list would error, and you could set the first column to 'member' by right-clicking.
Capture Set Override materials were getting out of order when passes were deleted.
The 'P' put button for a capture set override material was only working the first time you pressed it.
If deadline data is incomplete RPM will not longer just error - it will fill the blanks in and submit, as anything undefined will be default data anyway.
Setting the animation range from 0 to 0 (or if start == end) in the time output setup would error on submit.
Additional checks added to make sure captured exposure controls will not lose their 'processBG' setting.
Removing all RPM data does a better job now, was leaving a callback and the rpm frame stamp behind
Renaming layer sets would mess up the list naming, requiring the layer sets editor be reopened.
Some bug fixes to Render Element save/load where output paths were saved with '\' which messes up as '\t' is seen as a tab, and the loading UI was not clearing the tree when loading a new dataset.
Bug fixes to Render Element loading where if auto path generation was enabled it would try to create the paths and run straight into a bug.
Support for brazil2 release.
The Mental Ray compatibility shader is now auto installed, if the renderer is detected as mental ray and the file does not already exist. This is not needed if you use the 'Remove RPMMaterial for render' option, but if you want the Material Editor to display mental ray submaterials you will need it on the workstations.
NOTE: New startup script to be distributed to the farm if you use Mental Ray: RPMStartupFunctions.mse, into maxroot/scripts/startup/. It just enables the auto install of the compatibility shader, so if you don't need it then don't worry.
Visibility set manager would throw a .NET ui error when deleting visibility sets.
Xrefs RPM pass restoring could sometimes trigger a .NET UI error on load.
Maxscript Error when using 'save RPM data' in certain circumstances.
Xrefs were not being correctly saved/loaded when using the save and load RPM data
Occasionally RPM would display the wrong tab when opened.
Added support for vray 1.5 SP1 (they changed some property names...)
USB dongles are now supported, node and floating - contact rpmanager@, there will be an option to purchase dongles + shipping on the RPM site shortly.
Added server limit to command line Backburner submit.
Added which max version - 32bit or 63 bit - to the command line Backburner submit.
The render 'save file' checkbox is now available for per-pass setting, if you want to render a frame without saving the main pass (ie intended for render element). If this is off, the auto path generation will not generate paths for the main output.
With preview overrides on, render element windows would appear and then disappear after a render.
User strings for output rule setup ending with '\' would error RPM, these are removed automatically now.
Render element saving/loading overhauled and proceduralised - should support more by default now, and updated for Vray elements.
Bug fix to Load Render Element UI - clear selected button was not working, and if you tried to assign a sub-element of a render element saved set it would error (loading a sub-element has been disabled).
Invert button for main pass selection had a .net error making it useless.
Under certain circumstances object properties could be captured with RPM closed on the next time RPM was opened - it should only capture when active and a pass has been restored.
Object property inspector was always triggering a capture properties when opened - now only if a pass has been restored in the current RPM session.
Using the 'Close' button will trigger an object property capture. Using the X button to close RPM will not.
Backburner Server list was incredibly slow to update.
Per capture set override material was failing to be assigned.
Capture set list now uses F2 again for renaming
New option in the Object Properties rollout - 'Control ALL RPMMaterials assigned to objects, regardless of being in a capture set'
This will do what it says, and if the RPMMaterial is all you want to control then this is much faster than including in a capture set.
It will add, remove, rename subpasses and re-order slots for RPMMaterials ASSIGNED to objects.
I now have the ability to generate time limited licenses.

Speed of dealing with the object property spreadsheet is significantly improved, from opening to editing, with large numbers of objects.
'Redefine visibility set with visible/selected' commands much faster (sloppy code)
For auto path generation (when the enable path gen on submit is on) add this to the ini file, in the default group:
Submission feedback colors are more sensible - ie red == errors now.
New option in the RPM Preferences 'Aggressive Reference System Disabling' - disables the referenc system for more of the capture/restore process than with just the checkbox in the object properties globals (if the property global one is off this does nothing).
Can be much faster with heavy scenes. Note the max sdk lists this option as 'Use with extreme caution' - it affects the internal messaging system, which most of the time just slows things down when restoring properties.
If this is left on you won't even be able to move anything - so let me know if this does cause such problems.
'CameraName' is now an option in the auto path generation setup, to have the camera name assigned to a pass as part of the path.
Increased the initial (and minimum) heap assignment to 60 megs.

Some minor .NET UI fixes.
Deadline was incorrectly loading the task timeout if you manually loaded the defaults.
You could not select multiple passes in the pass list using control, also right clicking was setting the selection to just one.
Clicking a pass checkbox was triggering a capture/restore cycle.
Render effect motion blur was erroring the effect list - .NET fix.
The main pass list was ending up in label edit mode (where just clicking on a pass would start editing the name) when it shouldn't have.
Re-source xref pass names RC menu item in the Xref RPM property support would error if no passes in Xref scenes was set.
Merge object properties dialog no longer errors on open (.NET UI fix)
Clicking on a pass item and releasing on a different item could cause property restoration errors
Amaretto (Frantic Films Gelato renderer support) added.
It is now possible to set default output types for render elements - ie always have the velocity element assigned as floating point .tif if you wanted.
This is done via a .ini file - but since the information is complicated (ie all output format info) it can be automatically created: to do this, when you set the output format (through RPM) of the render element, hold CONTROL when you click the final OK.
It is the control key that triggers it to capture the file extension and file output setup as it is set. A message appears when it has set the format.
You can check what it is doing by looking at the 'RElementOutputDefaults.ini' file in your 3dsmaxroot/scripts/ directory.
REMOVE an output default by holding CONTROL and SHIFT - a messagebox will indicate if it is has been removed.
Render elements now have their output formats saved and restored, before the format would either default or take it from the main passes setup if the same format. NOTE: you must render at least one frame locally once for each pass (so the elements are written in their correct format), otherwise the Render Element output formats refuse to stick during a network render. Once you have rendered a single frame once to all output formats, you will not need to do it again unless you change output formats.
Render elements now have their output paths visible and editable in the main 'Inspect/Edit Output paths', where you can set path and format.
If Render elements have paths (and so the format output settings) already defined, and auto build RE paths is enabled, they will not have their extension or the output setup redefined - only the path itself will be updated.
The auto pass name of 'Production_Setup' can be changed via .ini setting: in RenderPassManager.ini, something like
would cause the auto pass to be named "autoPassSeedNameFromIni"

More sorting for vis sets and layer in RC menus.
Layer sets now reorder their internal when you add a layer to a set - not the next time you open the layer sets editor.
RPMMaterial shows the pass index in the sub materials UI.
Frameinfo evaluates scripts on the currently rendering frame, not the frame you were on when you hit render (or frame zero for network renders)
Layer sets are shown in sorted order in the layers sets dialog, and the RC assign layer set submenu.
Added a duplicate layer set button to the layer sets dialog.
If 'enable auto path generation' is on, and you change the name of a pass, it will auto create the path immediately. If anyone wants this behavior optionally back the old say (since if you mistype it will create a directory with the error, then another when you correct) let me know.
Changed the default behavior to NOT instance material across passes as passes are created/duplicated. You can set this in the object properties prefs.
Changed default behavior to remove RPMMaterials for a render.
Redefining a visibility set with the current selection now isolates that newly redefined set.
RPManager will always try to create output directories from the slaves when it fires up to render a scene - so if you set your path as local, these paths will be created automatically on the fly (if possible, ie if same local volumes exist).

.NET Listview issue could occasionally cause pass to be incorrectly restored messing up captured object properties. (does not affect 3.5x version)
Deadline auto quicktime generation overhauled, it was out of date with the latest deadline
Manage vis sets was not allowing renaming of set - (.NET issue).
Object properties spreadsheet bug fix.
Adding objects to a capture set no longer spams the undo stack.
Object property spreadsheet UI fix (.NET )
Define object properties dialog shows bold again.
Define object properties dialog .NET wierdness worked around
Commandline submission from max64 was failing.
You could not RC on a pass to redefine the visibility set as currently visible - RPM was restoring the vis set before the option, so it did nothing.
Clearing a visibility set will no longer error.
With the 'Layer vis controlled by layer head' preference enabled, layers in Xref scenes were being hidden/unhidden regardless of the 'Restore visibility in xref scenes' preference - now xref layers are ignored *if* the scene itself has no objects in a layer of the samename.
In this case you should not have the same layer names in xrefs and the master scene if you want to use them to separately control visibility.

Problems with the Network rollout for backburner.
Various xref support issues fixed.
Restoring passes would not always restore the correct xref data for a pass if the xref rollout was not visible.

New RPM macroscript - RPManager_Toggle, this simply closes RPM if called when RPM is already open, rather than the main one which gives RPM focus if it is already open (with shift to toggle).


Right Clicking on a horizontally scrolled listview was not returning the correct column, fixed. ie output path/format inspector.
Auto build paths with 'enable auto path generation' off was doing nothing.

Below is the non .NET build information:
RPM.gup (if you are using a USB dongle for licensing update this on all workstations. Not needed on slaves).

Updated USB dongle support
Xref override materials and delayed xrefs were failing to restore on farm
License checking could error in some circumstances.
Capture Set Override materials were getting out of order when passes were deleted.
The 'P' put button for a capture set override material was only working the first time you pressed it.
Support for brazil2 release.
Added support for vray 1.5 SP1 (they changed some property names)
USB dongles are now supported, node and floating - contact rpmanager@, there will be an option to purchase dongles + shipping on the RPM site shortly.
Added server limit to command line Backburner submit.
The render 'save file' checkbox is now available for per-pass setting, if you want to render a frame without saving the main pass (ie intended for render element). If this is off, the auto path generation will not generate paths for the main output.
Under certain circumstances object properties could be captured with RPM closed on the next time RPM was opened - it should only capture when active and a pass has been restored.
Object property inspector was always triggering a capture properties when opened - now only if a pass has been restored in the current RPM session.
Using the 'Close' button will trigger an object property capture. Using the X button to close RPM will not.
Per capture set override material was failing to be assigned.
Capture set list now uses F2 again for renaming
Same as for 3.9085 without Amaretto support, and without any .NET fixes (since ActiveX based)
With the 'Layer vis controlled by layer head' preference enabled, layers in Xref scenes were being hidden/unhidden regardless of the 'Restore visibility in xref scenes' preference - now xref layers are ignored *if* the scene itself has no objects in a layer of the samename.
In this case you should not have the same layer names in xrefs and the master scene if you want to use them to separately control visibility, or do not use the 'Restore layers by layer head' option.
Final render sp3 support - a few properties changed name or otherwise disappeared/appeared.
New RPM macroscript option - RPManager_Toggle, this simply closes RPM if called when RPM is already open, rather than the main one which gives RPM focus if it is already open (with shift to toggle).

Various xref support issues fixed.
Restoring passes would not always restore the correct xref data for a pass if the xref rollout was not visible.

In the RPM preferences some 'Memory Tweaks' have been added. Primarily to be able to tweak the .NET version into stability (ie larger numbers). Garbage collects on pass change is not bad one to turn on, the collection is 'light' so it doesn't clear the undo stack.
When a camera has been deleted for a pass, the dialog that asks you to assign a new one now offers a 'Clear RPM Data' button - this will
remove all RPM data from the scene. Useful for when you have done a save selected, as the saved scene will still have some RPM data embedded in it,
and all you really want to do is remove it.
RPM can now optionally control the Hide by Category stuff of max - new controls at the bottom of the main pass params.
RPMMaterial, with a scripted material in a subslot, would continually try to render the scripted materials swatch while the material was selected in the Medit.
Cameras can be picked from xref scenes now - make sure the xref loads for the pass though.
Additional support for Brazil2 lights - 'Get props from selected object' in the 'Define Properties' dialog will now list the sub-properties of the lights main properties, allowing restoration of bz2 light params such as enabled, shadow on, color, multipler.


With 'Link UI Time Range' on and a manual range pass active, autobak or submitting and then changing the animation range would edit the global active range rather than the passes range.
Render element 'elements active', 'Display' and output to combustion settings controls were not being restored when the pass was changed.
Having multiple passes selected with the same renderer active, then changing away and back to the Renderer rollout would leave you with no renderer controls.
The 'G' button for vray15 environment map slots was not setting the map, just updating the UI (doh).
Fixed some errors with the Xref post load for restoring visibility sets in xref files when a visibility set was not assigned.
User overrides for the preview renderer properties was failing for some properties (anything with 'p' in it...)
Using link UI time with deadline could end up with passes submitted without the full range of frames set as the animation range.
Deadline submission was not correctly adding the renderer params - modifying a submission in deadline monitor could mess it up in deadline 2.5 and lower.
Filenumber base allows negative values.
Backburner Dependency was only assigning correctly to a pass if it was a commandline submission - now a pass can be set dependent on a non-commandline submission.

Initial build with support for Release 9 of 3dsmax - 32 bit version only currently.
Bitmap proxy system for R9 is currently set to render with full resolution bitmaps by RPM when locally rendering or submitting - this enables you to preview render with proxy bitmaps, but submissions or local renders through RPM will use full res bitmaps. More control is planned.
Preference added to control whether objects in Xref scenes visibility is controlled per pass. If this is on:
Objects within Xref scenes are now hidden/unhidden by layer names, if layers or layer sets are used to control visibility.
Objects within Xref scenes are now hidden/unhidden by visibility set names.
Vray 1.5 support now has 'P' and 'G' buttons next to the environment map slots to put to and get maps from the medit, since drag and drop is not supported.
Object Property spreadsheet auto refreshes when changing passes and auto capture on change pass is enabled so it reflects and in-scene edits.
Object Property spreadsheet auto refreshes when passes are moved up/down.
Object Property spreadsheet no longer resets column sizes when refreshing
Moving more than 1 pass at at a time up or down the pass list would mess up RPMMaterial ordering.
Xref properties per pass restoration UI controls were not refreshing on scene open.
BIG BAD BUG: If new properties were added to a capture set, and the main pass list had been reordered, the captured RPM data would be scrambled.

3.5812 {
Vray 1.5 RC2 support now hides unneeded GI rollouts as well as the AA rollouts.
Vray Irradiance Map preset dropdown now sets the preset values.
Support for restoring RPManager captured properties within Xref scenes was working locally but not on a network render.

Vray 1.5 support - procedurally created rollouts should expose all renderer parameters.
Added a 'Refresh all RPMMaterial slot names' menuitem to the Properties menu - this will rename all RPMMaterial
slots to the pass names.
Deadline submission now allows to you modify almost all renderer properties of a submitted job from within monitor - thanks to frantic for the code:)
Fixed commandline backburner submission for 3dsmax path containing spaces (ie R8+ default installation locations)
Setting bg color via script would take extra updates to register.
Xref restoration at server load time seemed to be hosed.
Pflow node adding to captured properties was erroring.

Editing the main output paths in the Common Params rollout no longer asks if RPM should auto create directories - it just does it.
This is to avoid issues where the query dialog could interfere with what you might have just clicked on in RPM.

3.50832 {
User settable preview settings can be saved/loaded as default for a renderer.
Turning off the 'restore object properties (viewports)' would mess up the auto capture, fixed.
Added user settable preview overridesm, via a string field.
Fast Rasteriser Samples takes the max AA setting for the preview overrides if override AA is enabled. Clamped at 1 as below 1 gets slower.
Shape objects (ie renderable splines) were not being captured for properties - fixed.
Velocity render element supported.
3.508 {
Multi-selecting passes when layers or layer sets were assigned as visiblity sets could error the UI.
Weirdness with submission feedback dialog crashing after submit on some new dual core dual cpu intel boxes fixed.
Deadline support was using older apps - now tries to use deadline 2 apps, then deadline 1 apps.
RPMMaterial was crashing when using scripted materials (or at least my scripted materials). Fixed, though it no longer shows a preview swatch for the scripted material.
3.505 {
Spline objects that are flagged as non-renderable (object properties) are back to being hidden until I add a UI option for it.
Render Elements were incorrectly disabled for Mental Ray in a recent build.
3.504 {
Auto capture is now disabled when no passes in RPM have yet been restored for a session with a scene file, ie just after opening a scene for the first time. This should avoid a situation where the scene data can be captured in an out-of-synch state.
Deadline submission uses the same submit name (in the repository directory) as the max scene file you are submitting from.
Scene state support was broken.
3.502 {
Backburner submission no longer disconnects from manager due to occasionally hanging max after submitting a few passes. This should not be a problem since reconnecting reuses the same connection, so multiple connections from the same machine will not happen.

Spline objects that are flagged as non-renderable (object properties) are no longer hidden by the visibility set system, useful for rig controls. If anyone hates this, let me know.
Object capture could error under certain circumstances.
Workaround for setting .exr output with ',' set as decimal divider.
Added a fusion 5 load selected passes in the main pass RC menu. For the moment there is a separate df4/fu5 entry, I'll combine these at some stage.
Commandline submission could fail due to the max path (spaces), (drive windows is on):\temp\ is now used for temporary file creation.
Fixed the RC menu in the right list of the Render Element Merge dialog.
Adding defining RPMMaterial as the property to capture on a capture set containing target objects could error.
The remove RPMMaterial at rendertime, if the render failed half way for any reason, could leave your scene with the RPMMaterials removed. They are now put back on when RPM closes, opens or you save your scene.
Deadline 'Load Defaults' was broken.
Deadline load quicktimegen defaults was broken.
Deadline network rollout was erroring if pass set to pickup frames.
The auto add to visibility set callback could incorrectly add RPMPropertyHolders.
RPM will now auto capture the current passes setup when you create a new pass/duplicate a pass (if only one pass selected): this means that if you tweak your settings on the current pass, you can just create a new pass without having to remember to capture the settings.

Filtered Prefix was not submitting to Backburner with correct filtering for the Command Line Submission.
It was possible to add RPM object property helpers to an RPM object property capture set - which should not have been allowed. Now disallowed.
Preview override indicator (those red lines at top/bottom of a preview) have been replaced with a Render Effect. See here for a description. It uses the default for this plugin (which you can set, uses an .ini file).

Added add/remove object(s) from capture sets to the capture set Right Click menu.
Fusion5 hooked up for building automatic comps. Requires Fusion5.01 or later. Menu items for Fu5 compositing added to the 'External' button in the quickcomp rollout as well as the Output menu.
Enlarged the scripts rollouts text entry areas

I've extended the prefix functionality a bit:
Firstly, in there for a while is the ability to set a default for the 'Prefix' paremeter in the RenderPassManager.ini file in the maxroot/scripts/RPManager/ directory. The key needs to be created, but in the


section add:


Where this is useful, is if you set it to
the string used as the prefix is the max scene name, filtered using "_-.", and the
first 3 bits as well as the last of the filtered resultis used. ie
WE_CC_190_testing_tk101 would end up as a prefix of:
#filteredscenename_2_1 on the same thing is WE_CC_tk101
#filteredscenename_2_0 on the same thing is WE_CC

Render Elements enabled for Vray

Setting QuickComp passes mode to anything would error
Adding an object already assigned to a capture set to a new set didn't always remove the object from the original set.
Working with the Object Properties off via the checkboxes in the global viewport settings could mess up your captured properties when you turned either back on - it now does a property restore immediately if relevant.
If render elements was captured for vray or brazil (could happen despite the UI being disabled) it could crash max after a render.
Preview only exposure was broken (having it on/off in the preview only)
Deadline support: Chunksize was being ignored
New .tif features supported in the output path inspector/editor, removing a script error if 16 bit int used.
An exr output callback was not being removed for R8, could cause problems with exr output.
Setting xref override materials was sometimes broken.
Multipass camera effects could break RPM if not a property of the camera.
Local Extension for auto path generation was resetting the output format setup.
Added 3dsmaxcmd as a submission option for Deadline (for those 8k vray buffers)
The RPMMaterial is now public - ie you can see it in the material list and assign it as you please.
Added option to save out all RPM passes as individual scenes (in the 'Passes' menu). The scenes are setup so that next time they are opened, the RPManager data is deleted (requires RPM to be installed on the machine opening it).
Xrefs now support restoring RPManager properties in the xrefs themselves. A new mapping dialog allows you to map the passes in the xrefs to the passes in the current scene.
If the restore render params checkbox is off, the rollout tabs display red to indicate the mode.
More work done on merging properties from other scenes - on (simple) test scenes it now works fine :) NEED TESTING. Also, you currently need to load the cameras from the xref.
The 'Object Properties Preferences' dialog has been enabled - here you can set whether the RPM sub materials are instanced or copied when new passes are added/duplicated,
whether objects with the same pre-assign material get an instanced RPMMaterial, or enable the 'Remove RPMaterial During Render' option.
Added a 'Remove RPMMaterial during render' option (this is in the globals UI and mirrored in the 'Object Properties Preferences' dialog: what this does is remove the RPMMaterial during a render (swaps the material for the submaterial), and puts them back afterwards (for local and network renders). What this means is that mental ray SSS and photon shaders will work correctly: they have issues being a submaterial. It does not fix the general submaterial
issue with MR shaders, but means that the RPMMaterial no longer will be a problem when combined with these.
Added a quick priority modification spinner to the render alert dialog, next to the 'Use preview overrides' button.
This will submit the passes with the modification added to the priority of all passes (spinner goes to negative). Still clamped at 0/1 and 100.
I often want to modify all my passes priorities, this gives a quick way. You enable it by checking the 'Priority mod' button. Always defaults
to off as with the Use Preview Overrides button.
Remote priority for deadline submits was defaulting to 100 unless it was manually changed during the session.
Bug fix for R7 (didn't affect R8 for some reason) - captured vray property buffer could corrupt on adding/removing properties.
OpenEXR setting with R7 was broken since they changed the type of data the openexr interface expects.
Accidentally (or otherwise) deleted RPMPropertyHelpers no longer error RPManager.
Added the ability to display RPManager propery holder nodes has been added. New submenu in the object properties menu.
##Why is this useful? You can use the UI of the node to reassign what it is capturing for.
So you can duplicate the node, set it to point at a different node, and then use ALT when clicking on the 'Add nodes to capture set' to simply add the property holder into the set without any re-capturing going on. NOTE though that it does no checking (yet) for if the captured
properties are appropriate for the pass. If there are not enough passes (say you merged the helper in from another scene with less passes) then data is not filled in, so use with caution - but should be useful nonetheless.

Work on remote submission for Deadline.
Layer sets editor sorts layer list.
Bug fixes and tweaks to generic submit.
In 3dsmax8, light and light shadow color properties were not being captured at all.
Duplicating a pass would mess up pass color coding.
New checkbox for restore camera view was not hiding when the global groups was collapsed.
Duplicating a pass could completely mess up the RPM material in some cases - bug fix, last fix was over-zealous.
Output Property Inspector was messing up which column was being edited if you scrolled sideways.
- Added checkbox for controlling whether the active viewport is set to the pass camera - always for a preview/render/submission, but optional for general pass restoration.
Deadline support for Max8.
- The new instanced RPMMaterial feature for newly captured objects could incorrectly assign RPMMaterials in certain cases.
- Renaming a pass no longer renames RPMMaterial slot with the global prefix in there too...
- Added task timeout to deadline submission properties
- Fixed loading/saving deadline defaults
- 2 new filters for the output path generation:
"Use First N Parts: Divide into parts using supplied characters, put together with same divider"
"Use Last N Parts: Divide into parts using supplied characters, put together with same divider"
(primarily to cater for shot names that may be either xx_00_000 or xx_000_000)
- Speedup in capturing properties for some scenes.
- EXR for splutterfish and 3dsmax8 plugins have slightly different property and .ini file support, required an RPM fix: RPM will now correctly restore default EXR plugin file format properties.
- Added a display material stamp option to the Object Property Spreadsheet - click a cell reporting a material name to display.
- Added support for MR motion blur offset to the renderer UI, and rapid motion blur preview overrides.
- If the backburner group list has a group name selected, RPM will requery the manager for the group members on submission - this is for studios that change group contents regularly.
- Duplicating a pass could completely mess up the RPM material in some cases.
- Generic submit added to the network rendering managers - should allow submission to just about any commandline driven system.
3.47672 ( - note: this installer includes an updated RPMPropHolder.dlo plugin.
UserPropBuffer (typically used for vray property capture/restore) as a property was incorrectly being inserted into the property list causing loss of captured data.
- Wireframe as a property was not capturing/restoring correctly
- Objects that instanced materials before being converted to an RPMMaterial maintain the instancing - the RPMMaterial itself is instanced across these materials. Previously the sub-materials maintained their instancing, but not the actual RPMMaterial.
- Redundant RPMPropertyHolders are now automatically deleted.
- Holding ALT to move passes to top/bottom of list was failing to reorder RPMMaterials correctly.
- Object Property Spreadsheet now colours true/1 green, false/0 red
- Reordered where the Object Property Spreadsheet appears in the Properties menu (now first item).
- Object Property Spreadsheet now only optionally shows capture set override materials.
- Object Property Spreadsheet now restores immediately (if current pass edited), so leaving the Auto Capture on is fine (workflow was irritating before).
- Reworked the copy/paste buffer of the Object Property Spreadsheet - middle click to copy now.
- Added material handing checkbutton to the Object Property Spreadsheet - you can choose whether materials from Medit or pasted are copies or instances.
- User prop buffer was being captured corruptly if over 255 characters on capture initial props.
- Copy/Paste in Object Property Spreadsheet now supports the UserPropBuffer.
- More effort is made to keep the Object Property Spreadsheet synched with the scene requiring less manual refreshing.
- Rearranged UI of the Object Property Spreadsheet.

- Auto build paths button/menu item was incorrectly showing the auto build .mi file dialog.
- Max 8 compatibility fix for mental ray.
- move pass up/down not reodering materials correctly
move pass up/down not reodering instanced RPMMaterials correctly
- Right Click in the Object Property Spreadsheet modifies the item you have clicked on, rather than what _was_ selected when you clicked.
- Setting the preview temp directory now no longer fails.
- Arrow keys used to change passes should now work - it was likely to mess up captures object properties quite badly.
3.47661 (
- object visibility was not restoring correctly. Change needs testing.
3.4766 (
- Occasional very slow restore (5+ seconds for few objects) fixed
- Object superclass now referenced from top of stack - ie base object splines with renderable set should now capture/restore correctly.
3.4764 (
RPMMaterial slots were not being renamed when passes were being renamed